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Hey I’m Billie Jean. I’m an entrepreneur who is super passionate about the beauty industry. I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 11 years. Within that time I have become a colorist, salon owner, and educator. My specialties include custom color and designer haircuts on relaxed and natural hair. I’m known for my professionalism and giving my clients unforgettable salon experiences. My clients often remind me that I’m hilarious but they love that I’m serious about my craft but most importantly an expert in my field. My husband and children think I’m a geek bc I’m always taking a class or on a business call. I make my parents nervous because I’m not afraid to take risk.

With that being said, I’m always betting on my myself. Now it’s time for me to bet on someone else who is ready to rise in this amazing industry. I am looking for a licensed cosmetologist and I hope that's you!

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